About Me

I have never considered myself an athlete. I’m clumsy and uncoordinated. I was one of two girls in junior high who didn’t make the cheerleading squad. My high school soccer coach was so disheartened by my lack of skills, he benched me nearly every game. Runners are svelte and lean. I have birthing hips and a wonky knee that makes one of my feet stick out when I run. In one of my first races, I finished second to last only because I blew past a 70-year-old man just before the finish line. That race nearly killed me.

Guess what? I’m running a marathon anyway. Because I’m a masochist. Because I love a good challenge. Because I want to prove I can. Because I found a cause I believe in — Camfed.

Camfed fights poverty and HIV in Africa by educating girls who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to go to school. For $25, you can buy a girl in Africa a pair of school shoes. For $40, you can buy a school uniform. A full year of high school, including boarding and school supplies, costs just $300. My goal is to raise $3300.

I’ll do the hard part — run 26.2 miles. You do the easy part — donate. Help an African girl get the education that she so desperately wants and deserves.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? You can reach me at cassandraruns [at] gmail.com


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