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Bad Attitude

That’s me halfway through a 12-mile run in Mountain View, California. Say what you want about my running ability — at least I have a good attitude.

Oh, that’s right. I actually have a terrible attitude. You know why? Because I’m always running. My birthday is Thursday. Guess what I’ll be doing — running three miles.  We’re going out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. But before we do that, I have to run 13 miles. IT. NEVER. ENDS.

But the thing that I absolutely dread, the thing that gives me nightmares is an upcoming run. According to my schedule, my 18-miler will fall on the same weekend as my trip to North Dakota. And I won’t be in the civilized parts of North Dakota — oh no — I’ll be in the boonies running along the highway with nothing to look at except the empty, windswept wasteland I once called home. Running and running and running . . . for 18 miles. It’s the type of activity that incites insanity. I want to weep just thinking about  how painful it’s going to be.

One of the most difficult parts about training for a marathon is sticking to the program when you’re traveling. I fell off the wagon big time when we were visiting friends in the Pacific Northwest. And I have several more trips planned this fall.

To make matters worse, my ankle is still acting strange. It healed, then it hurt, then my hip hurt, then my whole leg felt warped, and now my ankle insists on staying stubbornly swollen, albeit only slightly. Talk about a bad attitude. You better buck up, Ankle, because we’re doing this marathon whether you like it or not. (It’s best not to let him know he has the power to throw the whole race. There’s nothing worse than an ankle on a power trip.)

You know what might make me feel better? Money. So how about you donate some cash to Camfed. Please? I am nearly two-thirds of the way to my goal of raising $3300! Think of it as a birthday present.

Sunny McOptimist